LCD wiring question


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Not sure if you guys can help me but its worth a try.
I am attempting to wire a Ti-83 calculator LCD (16 x 8) to a serial cable and use the crystalcontrol software with it.
This of course is only until I can scrounge up enough money to buy an actual crystalfontz serial LCD.
My problem is the i'm not sure how to wire the LCD to the serial cable. The only info I have found on the web shows an LCD with 16 pins on the PCB while the one i have has 17 (15 smaller ones and 2 larger ones on one end).
I am wondering if anyone knows how I should wire this to a serial cable and if just trying it in differnet ways would fry the LCD.
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CF Mark

Youve got no chance... not all LCDs work the same way.
The TI lcd wont work with CrystalControl or any other PC software.