lcd turns off after displaying some garbage value.


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i'm using winstar 16*2 char lcd for displaying volume byte on screen.this lcd is interfaced with MC9S08SE8 MCU.i'm controlling the volume by pt2258 .after running the asm program and increasing the volume by remote .it is displaying the correct sequence of volume bytes but when i continue to press the volume button it abruptly stops displaying the correct sequence and displays garbage characters and then the lcd display is turned off.

plz help if somebody has any idea
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Sounds like there must be some noise, or connection failure, or a firmware bug.

In general LCD modules need these items for the hardware:

1) reasonably clean Vcc

2) Vo/Vlcd

3) decent edges and levels on the digital signals.

If those all check out, then it is probably a firmware problem.


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@cf tech

The digital signal to drive the lcd has some amount of ripple.i tried to get it corrected but its not more thing i observed that lcd is not turning off totally.there is some dc on its supply pins.i checked the asm once again the logic part seems to b ok..