LCD Studio seldom see's GX


New member
I'm having a serious communication issue with LCDStudio running on 32bit Vista Home Premium! Tried your new DriverCore service, but it didn't help. Lcd Defaults config program works fine; able to load any image to GX. LcdInfo program works wonderfully. DiggViewer program connects perfectly. The MCE remote also works great and the LCDInfo program is even displaying WMC activity.

Here is where I see the issue appear:
Display Wizard in LcdStudio rarely shows list of displays from which to choose. When it does I can select the GX and I then see the Welcome message on the GX LCD monitor. I then have good LCDStudio communication with GX and can create new design screens and playlists. At this point they all display OK on the GX. If I close the program and try LCDStudio again, a list of displays is no longer showing and LCDStudio no longer communicates with the GX. I can no longer run playlists to the GX or display any screen design from LCDStudio to the GX. I can however restart LCDInfo and it will run ok. A reboot does not change anything.
Complete uninstall / re-install of LCDStudio appears to be only way to re-establish communication with the GX.
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