LCD storage temperature?


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Hi~ Crystalfontz

I have purchased CFAX12864CP1TFH LCD. Its operating temperature is -20 to 70 and storage temperature is -30 to 80.
The problem is our product under consigeration should operate at -40 degree. To overcome this we will use heater for LCD.
But I am afraind that if LCD is stored at -40, what kinds of problems occure.
Is LCD destroyed?

Thanks and Best regards.
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CF Tech

We have had some CFA-633 displays down to -65 deg C, and although the display was not visible, the microcontroller, still functioned (it would read temperature sensors, respond to ping packets, etc). Once they were returned to a more reasonable temperature, the display became visible again, with no signs of damage. We took a CFA-634 to -65 deg C (storage, not operating) and it appeared to operate fine afterwards.

But even if we test every display we sell you and they all seem to operate fine after storage at -50, that does not mean that they were designed to be stored at that temperature. For this reason, we still cannot recommend that you use or store the displays outside their given range, even though we do not think they would have any trouble.