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Does anyone know where I can look at on how to build a custom LCD stand out of a Creative Labs mic? I've seen it somewhere and have been looking for 2 days. Thanks
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Thanks alot

I have not yet bought a LCD from CF yet but because of your tech support staff, I trust that doing business with you guys will be enjoyable. Currently, I have a 4X20 LCD with HD44780 left over from an EECE class I took. Got it working 2 hrs ago thru the parallel port. I plan to add a second with your backlit 632 and mounting bracket. Will there be any software/hardware conflict between LCD Smartie 5 and CF's software and parallel and serial ports? Thanks for all your help. I've been looking for that link for hours!

CF Mark

CrystalControl will control more than one LCD at the same time.... in fact itll support up to 12 at the same time.
Thats one on each of 9 serial ports and 3 on printer ports.