LCD soldering

Free Bagel

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Hi, I'm a n00b to case modding and all, so I don't really know how to solder.

I'm looking to get an LCD screen for my PC. Are there any crystalfontz models that DON'T require soldering?
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Free Bagel

New member
BTW, i was looking preferrably for a 20x4 model for my PC...but the review I saw of the 634 said it required soldering...

CF Mark

As ChrisX said, the 634 LCDs dont require soldering.
Well thats not quite correct, the Serial version of the 634 does need the backlight power connector to be soldered onto the LCD. But when ordering, ask Crystalfontz to solder the power connector on for you.

The USB 634 is truly soldering free.
Unpack it out of the box, plug it in and it will be running after youve installed software for it a few mins later.