LCD software


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I would like to know if any software is available to convert a bmp image to an array of byte that I can include in my source code.

My lcd graphic is a 256x64.

So if I can use an array of 256X8 bytes it would be great. I don't want to create the image manually for each image.

If any software is available, I'll appreciate to know it.


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I've got some C++ code using someone elses library that I use for a CC2 plug in that reads GIF files that you could take a look at. The library should also support bmp files.

Send me a private message if you are interested and describing your project a little more. If it's non commercial I'll share the appropriate parts of the code dealing with the image manipulation. If it's commercial. I'll point you to this library, but you would have to deal with them.


P.S. The library I'm using allows reuse for non commercial use. The CC2 plug ins are "freeware".