LCD Software that runs as an NT Service!


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I finally found a solution for running LCD software as an NT service. Tested only on XP Pro SP2.


- MBM to run as a service

- LCD Smartie 5.2

If your doing MBM stats, you need to run MBM as a service, edit the reg and bat file from the file to suit your needs. Test MBM to make sure it's working as a service.

Setup LCD Smartie as needed, once you have it running, use the same files in and edit them to create another service name. In the reg file, under parameters...enter -hide between the quotes, otherwise when the service starts it will stop immediately and give an error.

I only use MBM stats and the E-mail pluggin, so I have no idea if any of the other plugins in LCD smartie work when loaded as a service.


I've encountered some issues.....reboot hangs sometimes, smartie doesn't blank the LCD when the service is stopped (not a graceful close), have to use a Shutdown script which stops the Smartie Service.

I wish CC2 would hurry up and get here.
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