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gah! first let me express my frustration because i had to type all this out over again. #@$%

that being said and done, I'm building a machine that wants to do the following:

Play DVD on my tv.
Play MP3's using winamp.

I am searching for the best solution to display messages accompanying those requirements above. I would like it to:

Display a message when its Booting.

Display a message when windows is starting.

Display a message when the DVD ROM door is open and its
awaiting media. (Something like "insert media" or "reading DVD" or "CD")

Display a message of the current movie playing whether it be from the DVD Player or from any other video source such as mpeg on disk or from a stream on the web. Also the elapsed time for said movie. If its possible at all.

Display same messages in regards to audio from winamp. Information whether the source is a cd or mp3.

Display messages when windows is shutting down and when the box is shutting down.

Is all of this possible with one piece of software? Or would i have to use several programs together?

Is it possible for me to print custom messages to the lcd or a custom simple graphic or screensaver when its idle for more than a minute or two?



This time i will copy the text before posting :)
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as far as i know it will do a booting screen when the computer is turned on but it wont for windows starting and shutting down. it will display all the winamp stuff. but its not compatible with any DVD playback software. and it wont do the dvd tray open thingy either. oh and it wont do and idle screen.:(
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