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LCD Smartie 5.0 release


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Yes I thought about it after reading your posts, so I tried the software on my PC (also running Windows XP) but I couldnt get it going either, which was a shame because I was very interested in the game stats feature.



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I'm having the same problem as rockandchelle -- line 2 showing up on line 1, and nothing on line 2. Using a Crystalfontz 632SG 2x16 (version 2, just bought last month) at 19200bps with Smartie 5.0 on Win XP Pro.

Also, can't shut down Windows while running Smartie; have to first shut down Smartie, then shut down Windows.

Otherwise, nice program! Lots of cool options, and the price is right!
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Johnny Boy

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First off, hello everyone, just bought the 634 20x4 LCD - luv it. Second, lcd smartie 5 is a fantastic program - great amount of options.

My bug, on my crystalfonts 634 backlit 20x4 display version 2, the last line (4), wont display any text and pushes up the other three lines.


Should be
line1: - - - - - - - - -
line2: LCD Smartie
line3: version 5.0
line4: - - - - - - - - -

Displays as -
line1: LCD Smartie
line2: version 5.0
line3: - - - - - - - - -

Cannot ever get the display to be properly formated.

my system: Windows XP home version; Athlon 1.3ghz; 640mbram - I have tried the program with the NTport driver and without. no luck

I do have the Wintest program and everything checks out fine, now running LCD Driver 1.2 with motherboard monitor plugin - works great.

Anyone else have this problem?

Johnny Boy
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i know this can only mean one thing:
your lcd sucks.

it seems that CF likes annoying LCD bugs.. :(

this problems makes it so that the first line of your lcd is line 1, instead of the normal line 0...

(/me is going to hate CF even more, because of this)
i have heard a lot of different 'bugs' etc for the same LCDs..

i have exactly the same LCD as you, and the thing is working perfect here...


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BasieP..what version of Windows are you using..it seems to me that a lot of people here..including me are having some sort of trouble with your program..and all of us have windows XP...maybe it is a compatibility issue or something.


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i don't think that the version of your OS should have anything to do with on which line your LCD displays text....

but okay: i have win98SE, and so should all of you :p
get ridd of that stuppid winXP ;) it sucks

"i got winXP and it works like a charm.. no errors or anything.. best app in my opinion."
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You are not fully correct there BasieP, i think that winXP is an excellent os, although i have come across a couple of games that wont run on xp due to compatibility (though am finding they are soon fixed).
Also i have used other lcd progs with no problems at all, but cant get yours running. But im thinking that it is possibly just the way im trying to set it up, im really not sure as im pretty new to lcds.
It wouldnt usually bother me if i came across another program that didnt work for me but yours has got the game stats which is so **** cool! I've gotta get it going!


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Hey BasieP..I have something for you to think about. I still feel that there is something here that is not compatible completely with windows XP..I know that you had one person say it worked, but here is why I say this. I have tried everything I can think of to get this to work in Windows XP. Then I thouhgt I would try it on my windows 98SE since I just finished setting my system up for dual boot. Well at first I got the same problem..so I went into the device manager and found my Com1 port was set to 9600. So I changed it to 19200 and it worked great. So I started up windows XP did the same thing but it didn't change anything..I really wish I could get this to work..because I love this program..especially the bars for usage and what not. Well..I really hope that you can find a solution..because I would hate to have to forget about using this software.


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I have same problem than someone told with my crystalfontz 2*16 lcd... Error message @ startup (ive just downloaded it now), then second line shows 1st line, scroll speed is too high... I've set all (com port, speed...).. Perhaps it's because I'm on windows xp?

Mr. Matti

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A kludge and an alternative.

This bug is real, repeatable, and affects Win2K Pro as well as XP. But I figured out a workaround: Set the first two characters of the first row of the first screen to ASCII 004 and 024 (^D and ^X). These are the control characters that tell the unit to hide the cursor and turn off line wrapping. You loose two charters at the end of that line, but at least you get both your lines.

Frankly, for an ever better fix, try CrystalControl:


I switched over and haven't looked back.