LCD Smartie 5.0 release


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here you go:


Channels (mono, stereo)
Position (in seconds)
Position (hours, minutes, seconds)
Total track length (seconds)
Total track length (hours, minutes, seconds)
Position Bar
Playlist number of current track
Total tracks in playlist

System info:
CPU Type
CPU speed
CPU usage (in %)
CPU usage bar (length)
Free Memory
Total Memory
Memory usage bar (length)
Free Pagefile
Total Pagefile
Pagefile usage bar (length)
Free space on drive C:
Total space on drive C:
Diskusage bar drive C: (length)
Free space on drive D:
Total space on drive D:
Diskusage bar drive D: (length)
Free space on drive E:
Total space on drive E:
Diskusage bar drive E: (length)
Free space on drive F:
Total space on drive F:
Diskusage bar drive F: (length)
Free space on drive G:
Total space on drive G:
Diskusage bar drive G: (length)
Free space on drive H:
Total space on drive H:
Diskusage bar drive H: (length)
Screen resolution

Motherboard Monitor 5.1:
Temperature 1 to 10
Fan Speed 1 to 10
Voltage 1 to 10
Temperature name 1 to 10
Fan name 1 to 10
Voltage name 1 to 10
(The time between each update can be set)

Gamestats for the games:
Half-Life (with all mods)
Unreal/Unreal-Tournament (with all mods, and games as Wheel of Time, whitch uses the same engine)
Quake II (with all mods)
Quake III (with all mods, and games as Return To Castle Wolfensteijn, whitch uses the same engine)
(The time between each update can be set)

Internet headlines:
CNN world news
Stock indexes
Tom's Hardware headlines headlines (dutch only)
Weather (in The Netherlands)
(The time between each update can be set)

Total number of WU's done
Total CPU time
Average CPU time per work unit
Time of last result returned
Time you are SETI@home user
Total users
Your rank
Number of users you share your rank with
Completed more work then ... %
SETI@home icon 1
SETI@home icon 2
(The time between each update can be set)

E-Mail (The time between each update can be set) RC5/OGR stats
Degree symbol (°)
Black Block
E-Mail symbol
Euro Symbol
$File("C:\file.txt",2) shows the second line of file.txt (can be done more than once in a line)
$Fill(10) sets the next character on the 10th place. all the characters between the current position and the 10th are spaces

other options/settings:
Support for HD44780 controlled LCD's
Support for Matrix-Orbital LCD's
Support for Crystalfontz LCD's
port settings and speed can be set
scroll speed
LCD size
Proxy settings (for internet)
Stay on top
start with "-hide" hides the program at startup
start with "-NoLCD" does not write anything to any LCD
start with "-register" writes all data to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\LCDSmartie\"
different screens wich can all be set individual, and skipt if for example winamp is inactive.
The automatic scrolling if a line is to long can be disabled per line
Looking for additional LCD resources? Check out our LCD blog for the latest developments in LCD technology.


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I don't know what I was doing wrong but I got about 50 errors that said not a valid integer...I think I tried this program before and got the same error..I have a crystalfontz 16x2 (632) serial I don't know if it won't work right with that or what..


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i get a lot of errors, about 20 windows popping up and i cannot set the correct port and baud that way. errors are : I/O Error 32, " is not a valid integer and there are about 20 to 30 popups each .
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I would really like this program if it worked right..but it keeps on messing up. I am not getting anymore error messages..but the second line is showing up on the first line of the display..and nothign is showing up on the second line on the display..I hope that made since. So on my display there is nothing on the second line..what should be there is up above it on the first line. I have a 2 x 16 Crystalfontz LCD.


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i think you have a version 1?

i have a version 2 2x16, and that works perfect!

i am still fixing bugs everybody sending me, and that one is on the list.. ;)


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No..I have a version two..I just got it about 3 weeks ago..and all the other programs work fine with it..don't know..maybe I am doing something wrong.


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correct com port?
correct speed?
and (what i think it is) set the LCD size to 2x16 and not to 4x40 (standard)


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I did that..I have it set to crystal fontz, 2 x 16, and correct com port and speed and all. I see very light words flashing on the second line..and there are like little diaganol lines flashing everywhere..also there is a block at the very front part of the first line and there is also one on the second line that just flashes.


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that's weird.. i got a 2x16 LCD version 2 here also and it works perfect...

can you try to reset the LCD?


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is this ripped off lcdcenter ??

it looks 100% like lcdcenter.....

i cannot get it to work anyway :(
"input buffer full" and access violations.


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no it's not a rip-off
just check older versions.

i only thought that the setup of LCD center is very nice, so i copied it ;)

and about that error: make sure you have set the comm speed high anough. You could also set the scroll delay a little higher.

if that doesn't help, buy yourself a QUICK LCD (read: MO)


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I tried rebooting it and then testing it again..but it still did the same thing. Wouldn't show anyting on the second line, would only show stuff on the first line.


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Well I know that it is not a 1.0..for one thing when I reset the boot screen on the LCD and had it show the original boot screen it says version 2.0.


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I have a v1.0 16x2 636 cf that works just tweaks a lil bit here and MO 20x2 works like a champ, my MO 20x4 works like a champ, and even the 122x32 GLK12232-25-WBL graphical MO LCD kicks even more know what I think about the smartie...thx for the hookups for my upcoming project by the way....and keep on kickin' ass with this


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thanx sn1per, i will sure do!

and to you rockandchelle:

i don't know what you set wrong, but it works here perfect. It also does with sn1per on a 1x16.

I know there are some problems with a 4x20 version 1, but it you are sure it isn't a V1 then it must be something else..


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Yeah..I am sure it is a version i don't know what is wrong. I hav tried you think it could be something that I already had installed is interfering with it. I currently use LCD stats and the Winamp PLugin from LCDDriver, and another program that I am beta testing. And my display works great on all of I' dont' know what is going on.