lcd setup on different ports


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i recently completed the lcd display article from here and it is up and working. but only on the printer port.
i also brought a pci parellel port card so i can use that and not tie up my printer port.
but i cant get it to work through there.
no matter wot i try i dosent work
there are 2 ports on this card and im pretty sure crystal control seea them but still to no avail
please help me
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Parrallel Ports can be configured in many different ways. There are different modes which the port can operate in. Most likely your PCI card is set to operate in the wrong mode. Make sure the ports are set to operate in EPP mode. This should fix the problem. if it dosent then make sure the port interface type is set to 0x378.

If this still dosent fix it then im not sure. Hope this helps.

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SeNTiNeL said:
.... make sure the port interface type is set to 0x378.
Not correct.

The 0x378 is the IO address in hexidecimal of the printer port.
The PCI card should have its two ports set at different IO addresses which should be selectable on the card via jumpers or in software.
The IO address you select for the port used for the LCD on the PCI card should be the address you select in CrystalControl.


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where where where

i cannot find any jumpers and cannot find any settings in crystal control to do this
i also have port 95nt installed but i dont haVE a clue on how to use it
can you please create a walkthrough on techniques on how to fix this
as i have said i have got it to work on the motherboard port but not the pci ones

p.s does crystal control output to all ports at the same time or do you have to tell it which

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First Port95NT isnt used any more.

First thing you have to do is work out at which IO addresses the PCI card has put the 2 printer ports at. It must have come with some kind of a manual... so read it. Itll say how to get/change the IO addresses.

Then, as i said before, select the IO address in CrystalControl that the PCI card is using.