LCD Screens in commercial enviornmert


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I am working on a project to create basicaly a Point Of Sale system for three stores. They are gonna be driven by a visual basic program, the user interface for the program will be nothing that deserves a CRT screen... soooo.... is a crystalfontz the right kind of device for my needs?

it would display


or something like that... then price then whatever.... also a menu system, that is all controlled by the keyboard....
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ok so this seems very possible... im just still wondering if this is recommended as the only method of display on the computer...

CF Tech

What OS will be running?

Can you use a USB interface?

Will the display be separated from the PC?

If so, we have something in the works that will work quite nice.

Give us a call after the Thanksgiving break and maybe we can set you up with an early unit.

As far as it being the only display - - - that will depend on how solid the software on the system is, and how well you can guarantee that the program that talks to the display will always be in control of the system.