LCD Screen Question


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I have two projects in mind.

1- Utilize the programs written for the LCD's like Crystalfontz sells on a full color 2.5" to 5" color tft LCD screen.

2- Create my own "Picture Frame" that plugs (usb) into my machine and shows me my pics... similiar to the 500 dollar models that sell out there... but much more simplistic. (no modem, no eithernet, no memory... just runs off a host program on your pc and connects via USB)

I relize this board/company doesn't directly sell the equipment/parts to do such, but I have not found any where eles to turn.

Thanks in Advance for your assistance,
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the sort of display you're looking for is something like this i would imagine

this particular one can be easily hooked up to any graphics card with TV out. then you display stuff on it with whatever standard video graphics library is appropriate for your platform. if you want to use it as an auxiallry display on a computer which also has a monitor, then you have to get into multimonitor multi video card stuff.
none of this however can be natively used with a program intended for a character LCD -- they're much different animals. but people out in the world have used these sorts of displays and written programs for them, so just google it.

all in all not really too bad at all, but it would plug into your machine with a composite video jack, not usb. (usb is a pita anyways...)