LCD ribbon connection Help


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I have a HLM8619 LCD that has a 14 line ribbon cable that I would like to use with a sed1335 or simular graphic controllers. See the link to a photo of the LCD. Is there a converter cable available or a simple way to replace the current ribbon cable? I don't see any graphic controllers with ribbon connections.

Any help would be gladly received.

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You won't likely find a graphic controller with ribbon connections. You'd have to make up a board for the SED1335 and ram that has connections to match the LCD panel pinouts. Since the controller is a surface mount flat pack chip, this will be easier said than done, but not too hard if you've had any printed circuit layout experience.

If you don't already know what needs to be done to design/fabricate this, then you should probably find a more "consumer-ready" LCD product. The time and materials cost is probably not worth it unless you are making a production run.