lcd reset and clear


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is there a way to clear the lcd screen. i can get the lcd to display anything but when it starts it has a bunch of garbage every where.

also when i reset the lcd it does not really reset it just turn off then on. then continues where it left off.

i made a function in C that will wirte spaces untill the screen is full, then i set the display address to 0000000000000000, but it does not start the following characters at the start of the screen

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Reset typically does not change the display memory content, it sets the controller to a default state (i.e. the registers are set to default startup contents). This state is usually described in the controller data sheet.

To clear the display memory, in character mode you would write spaces (0x20), and in graphics mode you would write 0x00, to fill the display ram.

I can't comment on your last remark, since I'm not familiar with your display, although I wonder about this:
...i can get the lcd to display anything...