LCD problem


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okay my prob is that my LCD was working fine a few hours ago, its a 20x4 parallel LCD. i was using win 2k when it was working then i formated and installed winxp, and the thing is when i boot up, the test screen comes up on the lcd (the first and 3rd row all light up) and then when crystal control loads up the screen goes blank.. thats it...

very strange. i have set my printer port to EPP mode in the bios which is what you need to make it go im pretty sure (because it wasnt working on the default mode from before)

so now im just stumped into what could be the problem, oh yeah i also tried using LCD smartie, that didnt work either. so im not sure what ive done wrong

sooo anyone got any clues into this??
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yep just red my post

says i used ecp mode to fix it.

to change modes, you need to go into your bios, and it will be under one of the headings.. just change the mode from auto or whatever its on to ecp mode.

and make sure your cables are all plugged in real good yeah. cause as i can re-call i changed it to ecp mode, didnt work, then i pulled all cables out, put them back in and it worked...