LCD newbie


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Hi, I'm new to allt his lcd stuff. I was hoping to use a 634 lcd with my new system to check on cpu temp because I'm using a passive cooler on my cpu.

Also later on maybe use it with winamp and stuff.
any tips for someone starting out with this?
So far I've only gotten gibberish to show up and the default crystalfontz screen when I boot up teh pc.

I managed to get the drivers installed, I just installed it.
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CF Mark

Ok, so you have a USB 634 and are trying to get CrystalControl working?

If you are getting random characters on the LCD when trying to use CrystalControl, it means you have set the baud-rate incorrectly.
USB 634's need a baud rate of 19200, so use this speed in the CrystalControl module setup dialog.


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Hi everybody, I am a newbi too in LCD, so I post here …:eek:
I would like to know if it's possible with a 631 LCD and Crystal Control to display information read in a file.txt

I'm a French student and for a school project I need to display some information from an application I have developed, like : “Ready”, “go”, “stop”, “try again”, according to my own software... Is it possible with this CrystalControl ?
I have downloaded CrystalControl software, and I would like to test that with the simulated lcd, but I don't find the right plugging or the information to develop one myself.

Could you help me to find the information I need ?