LCD needed that can decode UART data


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I am looking for a LCD that can be programed to take in 8 bits of data from my UART and decode it (based on the software code I program into the microcontroller of the LCD). I was hopeing that I could program the LCD by way of a microcontroller that is built into the board the LCD is on, not through an external microcontroller. I do not know if this exist, so if anyone knows if something like this exist please let me know. I would like to write the program in windows and then program the microcontrller by a serial or USB port. Note that the LCD will not be used by a computer but will be on a separate board that is ran by some digital logic and a UART.


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decode UART data

You will need to use a micro-controller attached to the display, and the micro-controller will do the decoding and control the LCD as well. The attached micro-controller will do the formating of the information sent to it so it can be displayed on to LCD