LCD Module to USB


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have recetly found a little lcd module and have managed to hook it up to a parallel port on an old pc i had knocking around.

now i want to hook it up to usb so i can use it on my main system that doesnt have a parallel port on it.

i was looking at the USBMOD4 found on this page, but looking at the datasheet, i am unsure on actually wiring it up.

would this usb controller work ok? or is there a better way to convert this to usb?

the lcd module i have is a Topway LMB162A.

can anyone help me out in what wires i need to solder where?

thanks for the help

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CF Support2

From what I can tell, it looks like the part you selected, or the other Parallel to USB part may work for you. You may end up tweaking your code to accommodate the interface and how it works (FIFO) as you send your instructions to it.

I dont' feel that it "Won't" work, but can't say 100% that it will. I would shoot an email to Active Robots and see what they feel before ordering one. It does look promising. Let us know how it goes!