LCD info for beginners


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Iam embarking on a new project, which uses LCD 320x240
and the controller is SED1335F.
I have the SED1335F manual, but it is rather hard to start with it.
Seems I need something more basic for a start.
I also would like to know if anyone has info/exeprience in using graphic libraries (I found one on for SED1335 programming. Will this help me concentrate on programming the application and not having to set registers/switch memory pages etc.

Thank you
john smith
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try search for a software allled GLpic. i used it on the 128x64 displays sold here. i just looked at it, and it provides the files for the SED controller.

it is meant for full screen graphics, but you can cut and paste characters if need be.


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Do you happen to have these files for GLpic?
I seached for GLpic but apart from Linux stuff and one broken link which seemed to have something similar(a russian site) I could not find anything.
My email is

Thank you very much