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Hi All,

I have salvaged a bunch of LCD modules from Avaya 5410 desk phones (our company is upgrading so have a few spare to experiment with). I have attached some photos but the markings don't turn up anything in Google. The sticker reads "5520FGNNBNH 4707-5 T(ROHS) B12". The PCA has "V005520 REV:A" on it too. It is a 5x29 character display.

I have spent ages trying the above markings in Google as well as different combinations with no luck. I am currently in the process of using a logic analyser to interrogate the pins to try to reverse engineer it that way but thought I would post here to see if anyone has seen one in their travels. It looks like a custom job but maybe the markings might jog someone's memory.

The display interfaces with a M30620FCPFP single chip microcomputer on the main controller board of the phone. I have traced the signals back to the chip to get some idea of the pin assignment but without knowing the controller details of the display I am having trouble interfacing it to an Arduino. I will neaten up the table of my findings tonight and add them to the post.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi CF Kelsey,

Thank you very much for the reply, especially as it isn't your display. I found a datasheet for the LM4068 which gave me some hope until I read the pinout table - it is completely different to what I beeped out on the control board.

I think I might park this project as it is consuming quite a bit of time. Thanks again for the reply.