LCD fluid fades kinda slow on my CFAH2004


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Hey i just soldered my CFAH display , and it seems to work just fine. I used this scheme, but instead of a 10k potmeter i used a 2,5k one, and I added a 5,6k resistor between the pot and pin3.

Now the display looks fine, but I feel like the LC fluid fades kinda slow (fast scrolling text becomes less readable). I don't know if this is always the case, or if my improvised soldering scheme is wrong, and the resistor I added should have gone somewhere else.

can someone help me out?? thx!!

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You may be up against the response time of the LCD.

Can you use the potentiometer to adjust the display all the way from "too light" to "too dark"? Adjusting a little towards the "dark side" can sometimes help response time.


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I made a mistake by connecting the extra resistor to pin 3, it should have gone between the pot and the 5v supply... I can now adjust the contrast all the way from dark to light.

I still think that the fluid response is kind of slow though..
I've seen a yellow/green on black lcd, which responded way faster than mine... do you know what the response time is for a CFAH white on blue negative edge BL LCD??

thx in advance,
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