LCD Display 0802A or 0802B Differences


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hello, i have a dmx board with a 0802B display, and i replaced by a 0802A one, but dont work. i cant find here, Argentina, a 0802B unit. is any difference between those lcd´s? maybe in the control board?
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Thank you for your message.

Unfortunately I do not have an 0802B data sheet. I would imagine it to be similar to all the other character modules though. Probably just has different hole and connector locations.

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I would guess it is the same. The pin-outs look similar, and most of these LCDs all use an "HD44780" compatible controller.


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data about 0802A and 0802B

Hi, I'm Lily from Longtech Optics Co.,ltd. Belows are datas for 0802A and 0802B :

Item Outer Dimension Viewing Area Dots Size Character Size Controller

8x2 LCM0802A 40.0*35.4 26.4*13.9 0.55*0.55 2.95*4.75 SPLC780D
8x2 LCM0802B 58.0*32.0 38.0*16.0 0.56*0.66 2.96*5.56 SPLC780D

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