LCD Cost?? I don't get it


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i can get a 17" Desktop LCD monitor for $98, a 15" one for nearly the same....a 40" one for $4000 but a 10" one is $800 ??? wtf? how does the pricing go? usually the bigger screen costs more, seems like it goes either way... i need around a 10" size tft LCD for a project for around $100, i know it's possible cause i can get a 17" one for that but its too big for this project... ive been trying to find out where the stores get their small LCD screens but no luck, they have to be cheap cause out local 99 cent store has 15 of them for their registers, they would be out of business if they costed very much...tried chinese manufacturers also but they dont list prices...any help would be appreciated
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What product are you refering to that sells for $800?

$98 for a 17" LCD display? Is this after rebates,E-Bay, or the guy on the corner?

WillGonz :confused: