LCD Connection Types


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Am exploring different LCD connection types for a design the ones I have found are:
1. Elastomer / Zebra strip connector
2. Pin connection Thru hole / SMD

I wanted to know if there are any other connection types that are suited to mass production and quick assembly. Also I have seen that some IC drivers for LCD's offer a "Chip on Glass" option. In this case how does the chip connect with the actual LCD?

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Displays with a COG controller have the chip connected to the LCD by metallized tracks on the glass. The external connections are typically brought off thru a flex tail, which mates with a SMD type ZIF connector. The flex tail & ZIF method is well suited for production.

The Crystalfontz CFAX displays are a good example of that technology (although they aren't COG, the CFAX have the chip on the flex tail, but the effect is the same).


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Thanks for that cosmicvoid, much appreciated.

Could a COG solution also be used in conjunction with a zebra strip. Just trying to explore all the options.