LCD Communications Standards


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Hello all,

I'm beginning work on a project that will require interfacing to a small ~1.5x1.5" color LCD.
I'm currently searching for information regarding communication standards in the LCD industry.

From my searching so far it doesn't appear as though there is a single communications standard that is dominant for color displays.

Currently I've seen the following interfaces supported:
Parallel, SPI and RS232

Could anyone offer insight as to what popular existing standards are likely to continue to be supported in the future?
Actually any information about LCDs which meet this spec. would be helpful (manufacturers, display options, cost, pwr consumption...)

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My observations:

The dominant interface is parallel, and the SPI is commonly supported on the same module, allowing you to choose the trade-off between speed and I/O pins.

The USB/RS232 modules are specials that don't use the common LCD controller chips/command set, since they have their own cpu on board to handle the communications. The only ones I've seen are character displays.

I think there are two classes of display modules: there's the 'off the shelf' standard character and graphic panels, used by folks like us, which are mostly parallel/SPI, with similar controller chips; and there's the OEM panels which are custom for a specific product (iPod, cell phone, laptop, etc), and can have non-standard interfaces.

There are a dozen or so makers of consumer displays, and probably a couple dozen OEM panel mfgrs, do some Googling to research it.


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Thanks for the help cosmicvoid.
From what I've been seeing it seems like character displays are much more common (or at lease in the writeups describing their operation and control)...

I'll keep searching.
Again, Thanks.