LCD backlight


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I just bought the CFAH 1602B YYB JP and the CFAH 1602B YYH JPV LCD's, I am really satisfied with your products. Now I just want to know if it is possible that you can make the back light turn on every time I put 5V to the Vdd pin, and start using the LCD. I am requesting this because I think it's easier for you to do the connections than it would be to me, so If is possible to make such modification I will be interested in buying about 500 LCD's or more...
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We will have to open a ticket on it though.

Can you write sales(at)crystalfontz(dot)com (edit to '@' and '.') and request assistance on "Setting up a semi-custom part number for CFAH1602BYYBJP and CFAH1602BYYHJPV with the backlight powered from pins 1 & 2."