Laptop TFT Screen 18 Pin >>> Desktop VGA Video Card

Will this work? Is it possible?

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Hi guys, I am looking not to wire a LCD, (yet) But a laptop monitor to my video card through VGA cable. Have a look at whats going to happen.

p1 133Mhz MMX
win 98 (for now)
10 gigs (for now)
64 bit Creative Sound blaster card
I got it for free in the garbage. All of those, i still need to buy a wireless card for it.
Its a tower, so I dunno how the **** im gonna power it. anyways it doesnt matter yet.. I wanna get my monitor working first.

Its a laptop screen. tft, it has 18 wires on the harness, standard VGA is 15 pin and im guessing the other three wires are pos, neg, and ground.

I have to figure out the screen before i do anymore. but my computer will have the following when i finish.

1. MP3's (i know how to set it up) Sound card out to wherever.
2. Microphone, to record any conversations that I might need to
3. GPS System, (i have no idea how to set it up)
4. Webcam, I can have it pointing behind me while driving, there is a cheap rear view camera, I have have it pointing ahead of me. heheh.
5. MSN. Chatting at York (wireless connection) my drive way, any house with poor network security in toronto.
6. Browse the internet, surf turbo bricks.
7. Play LAN games with people in other cars with computers in them.
8. Want to get police software, run peoples plates. OMG that would be sweet.
9. A Bus Sign, the scrolling kind that say where a bus is going. I have it on my tail to tell people MOVE BACK, have it setup as brake lights, tell them to **** off, Thank you (for letting me in)

Yeah if i get my laptop screen to adapt to the desktop videocard, im totally doing this. where will i but the 14 inch screen?

I will rip out my center console. I think the top half, before the heater controls, I will have it come out 6-7 inches from where it already comes out. Ill have the screen mount there, and then I will have the hazard switch, defoggers, interior neons, stereo cd deck switch, outside speaker switch there. Maybe if there is room a few gagues for vaccum and cool ****.

Anyways. when its done its going to be fiberglasses and it will look like the screen is apart of the car. It will be SO funny.

Anyways, people know how to take 18 pin laptop screen and change it into a vga 15 pin?

Here is how the connector is, it’s a nec monitor

Pin 1: Blue
Pin 2: Blue with Grey
Pin 3: Pink
Pin 4: Nothing
Pin 5: Brownish Purple
Pin 6: Pink with Grey
Pin 7: Nothing No wire
Pin 8: Green with Grey
Pin 9: Green
Pin 10: Yellow with Grey
Pin 11: Lime
Pin 12: White with Grey
Pin 13: White
Pin 14: Orange with Grey
Pin 15: Orange with White
Pin 16: Nothing
Pin 17: Red with Grey
Pin 18: Red with White
Pin 19: Red
Pin 20: Brownish Purple with White
Pin 21: Nothing
Pin 22:
Pin 23: Nothing
Pin 24: Nothing

If u do post up on here..


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you don't.

basicly, you can't. of course it is possible, but with your current theme of useing things you find in the trash you won't be able to do it. it is a completely different kind of video and there is no way to connect that moniter to that videocard. some industrial videocards have a port that you could connect that moniter to, but financially you would be better off just buying a new lcd moniter from best buy, you would spend at least $500 on the card. or there is another way with some board that can convert the kind of video your videocard puts out into something that the moniter will understand but there you looking at about he same $500...

basicly, give up...