Is This Even Possible???


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I have had WAY too much spare time lately, and consequently I have spent a lot of time thinking about the best possible way to torture myself with electronic gadgets. Here is my big brainstorm. I want to put an entertainment system computer together. It will be connected to my stereo receiver and my TV, allowing me to watch all of my ripped DVDs and listen to .mp3s. is the catch. I don't want to have a mouse or keyboard to fool around with and clutter up the place. Plus I want to be able to control the system with a remote control. I checked out the IRMan remote system that is sold on this site and it looks promising. I don't want the TV tied up just to display .mp3 info so I need a secondary monitor. I would like to have an LCD that displays menus and playlists, but I need to be able to navigate those menus and playlists with the remote, and then make the appropriate selection. So....what do you think??? I am sure that this is possible, but would I be getting in way over my head to try something like this? What is out there as far as hardware and software combinations that could make this thing work?

I hope my wandering train of thought hasn't completely confused everyone that reads this. Any information, suggestion, or help on this will be greatly appeciated. Thanks for taking a look.
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Entertainment Computer

I'm making something with the similar purpose of playing mp3's in my car. If your familiar with WinAmp, (which has MANY free plugins that display information, and some allow you to select playlists to load, or tracks to play etc. WinAmp also has many remote plugins) it should do what you want on the mp3 side, however with the DVD's, I don't know...