Is there a problem with Norton 2003 Products ?


New member

I have been using cc for a few weeks now, with very few problems on a 1.4 Ghz AMD Athlon XP Pro.

However, the very same day I installed Norton Firewall 2003, Antivivus 2003, and Ghost 2003, then the program refuses to load (its set for boot)
I have to kill it in Task manager.
It won't load afterwards either so i can't change any settings or anything.

Any ideas please ?

I'm using the v0.99 complete version of the software.
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CF Mark

I havtn heard of the problem before.
I know of a few poeple running Norton 2003 apps with CrystalControl with no problems.

The first thing i would have to sugest is to try reinstalling CrystalControl.