Ipod Video LCD - anyone know which controller?

I'm looking at using the Ipod video (gen5) LCD for a multi-screen project as knock-off LCDs are available pretty cheaply.
I've figured out the pinout but wonder if anyone knows what controller it uses to save me having to grab all the commands etc. to figure out the interface...

Also, does anyone know who makes the FFC connector it's 0.3mm staggered, but unusual in that it has the latch on the rear, and has an even number of contacts (32)- everything I can find from HRS,JAE,JST etc. has odd numbers of ways.

And a final question - anyone know how cheap I'd be able to buy these LCDs in 100-500x qty from Hong Kong?
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Quick update - I've logged what should be enough info to drive this display - details at the link in first post in this thread, but the 32 pin connector appears to be made of almost pure unobtainium.
I think however it may be feasible to use a readily available 33 way connector - currently investigating this ......