Inverting and reversing characters


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Here's what someone I know is attempting to do. They have a 634 unit and want to place it in the dash of a car, directed towards the windshield to act as a heads up display for an MP3 player/radio tuner.

To accomplish this, the letters would need to be reversed and mirrored from what is in the character set. (So the computer program would need to send "Eat at Joe's" as "s'eoJ ta taE" but the letters would be backwards at this point still.

Is it possible to replace the character set with a custom set for all characters or is this a possible future feature?


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It is "half-way" possible (literally!).

The left half of a 634 can be mirrored, but the right half cannot:

Try using WinTest to send each of these commands to your 634. You copy the strings here, then"right-click", "paste" into the edit box of WinTest.

Turn off cursor, scroll & wrap, clear display
Move cursor to line 1 & label it
\017\000\000=130.7 KPH
Right-to left bar graph for speed
Move cursor to line 2 & label it
\017\000\001=Oil Pres
Right-to left bar graph for "Oil Pres"
Move cursor to line 3 & label it
Right-to left bar graph for "Temp"
Move cursor to line 4 & label it
\017\000\003=4250 RPM
Right-to left bar graph for "RPM"
Mirror left half of display (this is the interesting one to watch :) )

Here is what you will get:

And when you put it in a mirror:

The tricks are:

1) keep all the text in the left half of the display, which can be mirrored.

2) manually mirror the stuff in the right half, as I did by using "right to left" bar graphs.

3) if you want to "un-mirror" the left half:


Another stupid display trick:

"Invert" the text areas of the display:

Restore the text areas to normal: