Inverter Caps for Sumida PWB IV 90110/T


New member
Ive been trying to find information with no sucess for the values of the output caps to the 4 cffl's in a Liquid Video A170E101 Monitor's inverter/power board also the one xformer is open and needs to be replaced. I took readings on all the output caps going to the CFFL's and they all appreard open w/ a ohm meter.
it has a inverter board Sumida IV90110/T a 19v input. I also wonderd if the transformers could be replaced with the piezo kind and would a lot have to be modifyed for that type to work? All of the caps are surface mount I desoiderd 2 of them. I am not sure if they are ceramic multi- layer caps i just have to look at them in a magnifying light these have no values on them at all. I hope you can help me I can pay you for the info if I get it to work too. I am a maintenance / tech person I understand electricty not too much electronics but i can fix some of those problems.
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