Inverted menu system


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I need to be able to display a menu system on a CFA-635 screen which will allow the user to scroll through the meu using the arrow keys on the LCD. Also when you scroll to an option the option is highlighted(inverted text). Is theree software that does this already? How possible is it to write this in C?
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AFAIK there is no way to invert the text to highlight it. The only way something like this could be done is to define special characters that have inverted bitmaps, and then you'd be limited to only 8 such characters at a time.

Perhaps you could use character #16 (0x10), a large arrowhead, as the first character of the "highlighted" line, and leave the first character of the other lines as a blank.


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Programming buutons in MikroC


I am doing a project which requires me to program the buttons on a 635 screen.

I am programming them in MikroC and loading the commands into the ROM.

I mostly need the up/down arrow keys to scroll through a menu system and the Enter/Cancel keys to select a menu or exit a menu respectively.

Can anyone give me any guidance in doing this?

Thank you

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