Invalid Floating Point CC & MMB


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OK, Everything is working, but when I bring Crystal Control up, I get an "Invalid Floating Point Operation" from the CORE module of Motherboard Monitor. I see from the archives that this problem has come up before. Any Fix ? (This is happening to the point of making the whole thing unusable.)

!UPDATE: I realize that some may consider the above to be an MBM question, but the forums for MBM seem to be broken, and emails go unanswered. So you folks are my only hope for getting this resolved. I'm guessing that this is a result of CC doing something in MBM's memory space that MBM doesn't like, or, I have some option turned on somewhere that I shouldn't. I am using the latest version I could find of all the software. If anyone has a working set of CC and MBM that they could provide the installation files for, I'd love to try it. Otherwise I'm stuck waiting for CC2, or trying to find time to code something of my own...
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