internal serial connection??


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is it possible to connect your serial lcd to your motherboard without wiring to the external port??, like you can with the usb model?

any help/hints appreciated

many thanks

ps cool site, cant wait for my new display to arrive!! :D
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Depends on your hardware -
Some serial ports are connected directly to a plug on the outside, there is no easy way to connect to this type of port internally.

Others use a header with a ribbon cable that goes to a seperate connector. If you have this style, it should be possible to get a cable that would plug onto the header pins instead of the usual cable. If I recall correctly, I've even seen such a cable in the product listings, (perhaps CCAdmin or CFTech can supply a pointer to the appropriate item.)


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There are two common pin-outs for motherboard headers. Even though it was not intended for that use the WR232Y08 will work for one of the pin-outs.

If your mother board has the other pin-out then you would have to modify the cable to look like this:

Please see this post for a fairly drawn-out discussion of the topic.