Intel 8031 Interface

dave crozier

New member
I am trying to decipher the CFAH1602A-GGB-JP LCD display schematics and timming diagrams. I want to use an Intel 8031 Microcontroller to display generic pre-programmed messages into the diplay. I need to know how to send data and have it displayed. If it is just a parallel transmission on the output port of the 8031 to the data bus of the unit, that is no problem.....what I dont understand is how the unit will display the info. Do I need to send a series of commands to have a text message displayed ??? Do you have a C program that I can convert to assembly language that will do what I need ???

I assume that I send a low to R/W pin then send data to the onboard DR and a high on the enable line......My question is how will this be transformed to text??? There is a table with all of the 8 bit codes for the different I send these codes in a sequence and then the ram waits for a end transmission signal before displaying the text ????

Pls give me as much information as possible ....

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