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Instructions in getting CC2 to work in Vista



I just confirmed this with Vista 32. Task Manager or Services can not kill or stop the service, which does require a reboot to get things going again.

I don't use the sleep mode, so I never tried it out. Too many combinations to try to test them all.:( Vista does so many things different than previous Windows. Hopefully, it is a simple fix for CCadmin to figure out.

One question to answer that I am sure would be helpful to CCadmin. You are using the latest version on XP-64, also, where the sleep mode is working?

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I do know the power management messages sent to applications in vista have changed, since a lot of applications were abusing them and stopping the system going to sleep. As such a user application or service can no longer stop the system going to sleep, but critical applications like CD burning software can call a new API in Vista to block sleep mode temporarily.

I am thinking CCAdmin will have to go over how CC2 handles sleep and adjust it for Vista.

See here : Microsoft Power Management In Vista (Powerpoint Presentation)


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I tried to see if the same sleep problem occured with v20/07/2007 in XP-64 as it did in Vista-64 (I have a dual boot system, with seperate boot drives, C: for XP-64 and E: for Vista-64).

After uninstalling v25/12/2006 under XP-64, installing 20/07/2007, and rebooting, I found that something was hanging and preventing me from accessing the task bar and start menu (just got a continuous hourglass cursor when directing the mouse over the bottom of the desktop.) I was able to bring up the task manager via ctrl/alt/del, but other than the window coming up it was unresponsive. Other applications (IE, Office, etc.) seemed to be responsive, however. I had to eventually do a hard shutdown followed by a boot in safe mode in order to get the opportunity to uninstall 20/07/2007. I tried this entire procedure twice with the same result, and eventually went back to reinstalling 25/12/2006, which proceeded without problems.

v25/12/2006 works fine under XP-64, and when the OS enters sleep mode the 635 transitions to it's boot screen, which I set up to simply being dark. Upon awakening from sleep mode, CC2 proceeds normally. With the exception of transitioning in/out of sleep mode, 20/07/2007 is working flawlessly under Vista-64. With 4 cores, tons of RAM, Quadro-4500 graphics card, and big RAID arrays, sleep mode helps save me lots of money when I'm not working this beast, so I like to use it.


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I'm not a Windows expert by any means, but after a bit of Googling there appears to be a general problem in Vista regarding USB and sleep. Could the following be relevant?
Thanks for the link.
I dont think it applies to this particular problem, but its good to know about the bug anyway in case it comes up in the future.


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Install problem

Tried to install CC2 in Vista64...followed the guide, but ran into the following problems:

After install, tried to "run as admin", but when I get to the config screen I get a popup that says it wasn't run as admin, some features won't work.

Followed the Task Scheduler guide, and when I tried to remove CC2 from Startup, it wasn't there. It did show up in Currently Running Programs as "not yet classified".

It didn't appear that Vista ever let me run the install with admin privledges, and CC2 never showed up in the Startup list.

I am using a serial LCD instead of USB, but I doubt that makes a difference in how the software loads (?)




I'm paring my main computer down to Vista 64, and guess what? You're correct! It is not there. Don't know why, but...

Anyway, I've found a much easier solution to the start-up problem. You still have to do the task scheduler procedure. To keep the config program out of the start-up folder (wherever that is), simply open the config program and click on the General Options tab (right top). Uncheck the "Place Icon In Startbar Tray". The config program will start as a task and not as a start-up program.

Duh!:rolleyes: Seems that I'm not immune to myopia, either.;)
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I think it is kinda funny that MS's own software does not work with Vista. What does that tell ya???
I blame it on global warming. I have had windows since aol first started using internet and with google search engine I think they are having a hard enough time promoting there software. I prefer them to focus on students personaly. :(