Installing the LCD


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Im a huge newbie to this...

I dont know how to solder, and although soon im probably gonna have to learn how if i want to keep doing this stuff, i want to keep the installation of this LCD as simple as possible.

If i get this:
Pkg: CFA632YMCKS + Black PC Bracket Kit:
PDBK632YMCB Contains:
* Serial LCD 16x2 Neg LED B/L
* Black PC Bracket for 632LG
* RS-232 DB9F to DB9M, 36" ribbon cable with PC expansion slot bracket
* Serial Cable, DB9F/DB9F, 13"
* PC to LED backlight Cable

Do I have to solder the meatl piece that connects "PC to LED backlight Cable" to the lcd screen or does it come soldered in this bracket kit.
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When I purchased mine, about a month and a half ago (exact same model BTW), connector for PC to LED power cable was already installed on board. Just plug cable into connector on LCD board and the other end to any available hard drive (Molex) connector. Installation is a snap!! No need to fret about this one.
Good luck!

Zaphod Beeblebrox