IEE 1x32 BLUE VFD Displays....


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I have a quantity of 1x32 IEE Model FAB 32105-02A or 03600-83. Not sure which is the model number. The displays are beautifully made, but I do not have a pin description for the 14 Pins. If anyone knows where I can get a datasheet or a pinout, please help me out.

Also, if anyone is interested in purchasing any quantity of these units, please email me. If you would like a picture, just email me.

Richard Blundell
Electrical Engineer
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CF Mark

If its HD44780 based, it most likley follows the standard 14pin HD44780 layout.
Information on this is easily found around the internet.

A quick easy way to check if they do use the standard pinout, is to trace the two power pins on the lcd. Its quite easy to see which ones they are as they normally use thicker tracks.
If they match up to the power pins on the standard HD44780 pinout, you can be quite sure the rest are also.