Identifying Sharp LCD-display


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I've got an old LCD display from the "portable" Sharp PC-7000 (8086/2MHz) from 1985/86.

It appears to be a 9" 640x200 b/w LCD, and has a 20pin cable.

The only identifiers I've found are the Sharp logo and "N3578HC" on the PCB. Also, the cable from the lcd is divided into two plugs, one red 9-pin (pin 1-9) and one yellow 11-pin (pin 11-20). The LCD-panel itself is connected to the PCB with 19 flat cables with a chip marked only as "602" and one marked "601".

It appears to be interfaced by two Sharp TC15G022AF chips on the computer PCB, but I'm not too sure about that.

The Computer PCB is a Sharp X3573HC-57, if that is of any relevance.

I just need the pin-out, specs, datasheets and any other info.

If anybody can help, but need to have a look at the pcb's or anything, I have them scanned and ready to upload to my homepage on short notice.

Thanks in advance,

Jørn Holm
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