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i received my CFAL12864 OLED displays. When browsing through the manual i found that in the Crystalfontz part the combination IS1=1 IS2=0 is forbidden. The included manual for the SSD1305 allows this combination to gain I2C acces to the controller. Why is this combination not allowed for the Crystalfontz device? Do i really have to spend a processor, just to make the OLED-Display listen to I2C?
Regards, Kurt Harders
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Kurt Harders:

The SSD1305 does support the IIC interface. When the module was designed, this interface was not included in the supported interfaces. We have done our best to be as accurate as possible in our technical descriptions and features supported by each module.

We have a number of modules where the controller supports "x" number of interfaces. This does not mean that all of these interfaces are supported in the actual end design. The technical specs and the data sheet for the module itself are clearly define which interfaces are available.

We apologize for any confusion in the differences between the capabilities and implementation of the OLED controller.