I need some help wth my Sharp 640x200-display...


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i've got this neat little 640x200 monochrome lcd-display...
i don't know much about lcd's, and interfacing them, so i could need some help...

it appears to be a Sharp N3578HC, but Sharp's Support denies its existence =P (at least, they deny that THEY've made it)

It's got a 20pin connector that went down to the motherboard of a Sharp PC-7000 (old 8086-thingie)... i only know elleven pins FOR SURE... those are Contrast (10), +5v (8), 8 data pins (11-14 + 16-19), and GND (1)...

i need to know how to control this display... like -- what kind of data do I send to the data-pins...?

actually, i could need to have a litte how-to on interfacing lcd's without a controller (the motherboard of the computer's got two Sharp TC15G022AF's that appears to be the controllers...?)

anyway -- any tips, help, ideas, etc would do...
thanks in advance,

jørn holm
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Well since this is a Crystal Fontz LCD display forum and im a big fan of there work i dont bother with any other kind of LCD so i dont know sorry!


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If there is no LCD controller built into the LCD, then you would have to make a small PCB with an LCD controller on it, or emulate an LCD controller with a (fast) processor.

You might use a logic analyzer or a scope to figure out what the data stream to the LCD looks like (use the PC-7000 to show a test pattern) and then try to locate a data sheet for a 640x200 controllerless display with similar signals.

One idea might be to write a simple program on the PC-7000 that receives data over an interface (serial, parallel . . .) formats the data and then displays it on the LCD--just using the PC-7000 as the interface board.


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yeah, well, uh... you see... the pc-7000 is now dead... some of the ic's pins were shorted, and i never noticed until it was too late...

so what i've been thinking about is mailing some other people i know have a pc-7000 and ask them if they would do me the favor to scope it... =P

oh, this probably goes to hell, but it'll be a fun trip =)

thanks for your replies!