I need help - CrystalControl


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-I have an lcd
-I used to use crystal control with no problems
-but i upgraded my pc, got a new parallel port card to use my parallel port lcd with
-the default memory addresses for the parallel ports are not used with this parallel port card
-you can only chose the default ones when using crystal control

any ideas?
apart from using a different parallel port card?
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CF Mark

Can you give me a URL to the manufactures web page for the card?
Then i should be able to get a user manual... might be helpful.


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this is their website:

this is the card i have: (NM9815)
http://www.moschip.com/PCI products page.html

I have already looked thoough what ever i can find and it says this:
You should be able to change it (the address) through Device Manager but sometimes you can't
as a general rule: winxp won't let you and win9x will

I have windows xp pro

I have had other cards in xp and it would let you change them, so it is a matter of their drivers not working completely (ie. you can't change the address) with xp

any more ideas?

CF Mark

Hmmm, i had a look through the data sheet, looks like the card can be at the normal adresses, but its up to the drivers to set that up.

Try emailing the company's support and ask what you can do to change the printer port address to a standard addr.


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I have emailed them but i am not hopeful.
If there is nothing i can do about the addresses, could you please (if you want to and you have time) either send me the source code of crystal control, so i can edit the memory address, or get one of your programmers to add in the memory address B400 (Hex). I can understand if you don't want to give me the source code and i can understand if you don't wont the programer to add in my memory address, i know because i am a programmer myself, but please add in the memory address for me because i have had a lot of trouble getting a parallel port card with xp compatible drivers and it would only take a few minutes. But if you still don't want to, i respect that. Thanx for all your help.

CF Mark

Im the only one that works on CrystalControl :)

I might look at getting printer port adresses from the system/registry and listing them in the module config window.
That would fix your problem, and also help newbies when setting up HD44780 LCDs.

Ill try and get it done for the next release.