I Love You!!!


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I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

This is the best thing ever for LCD's!!!! I was starting to get worried about software for it because Borderfield's LCD center isnt being worked on anymore they were the best at the time. But i just downloaded it and have spent the last hour playing with it. MAY GOD BLESS YOU!!!! This software is incredible!! there are only a few settings that i would like added and TONS that i never would have expected to be in any LCD software that are in this one! I mod cases for friends and the most frequently asked for mod is a LCD like mine from Crystal Fonts. I have always been hesitant and actually discouraged many of them from getting one due to the difficulty is setting it up for a newbie. But now i have no excuse this software is a God send. Expect your sales to go thru the roof! This software is so incrediby easy to use and setup but i actually feel spoiled. i just spent the first 30 minnutes just drooling over all the settings and options. I wish i could list all of them here for you guys but just suffice it to say if you want something to be in there its almost deffinetly in there. there are a few things i would like but no way on Gods green earth would i even think about complaining about this software it is absolutely amazing! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

And if your reading this and thinking about getting an LCD now you have no excuse they just about made them plug and play.

And who ever the programmer was on this software - YOU ROCK!!!!
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