I have gotten into trouble with LCM


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Hi all. I'm a newbie at LCD-displays.
A friend of mine delivered a LCM(LCD Module) to me,type is 1602.but i haven't gotten its datasheet,also my friend doesn't have any ways to resolve.

I have tested it with DMM,and got some informations,look its picture:

1:VDD +power supply ;be sured
2:VSS - ;be sured
3:Vci -generate LCD drive voltage ;be sure
4:RS/CS chip selection ,low access enable
5:SID serial data input
6:SCLK serial clock input;serial clock cycle time:
7:K - ;be sured
8:A + ;be sured

There is leave pin4/5/6 cann't been sured yet.When I change the voltage in pin 3(Input voltage to the voltage converter to generate LCD drive voltage) to 0V,I can clearly see the dots,and I have counted them,is 2 lines with 5*8 dots format,20 characters per line.
I consider that its controller is KS0075.but I'm a newbie at LCD-displays.I have fail in trying several times.Because I don't know what instruction need to be inputted.I need a sample program about KS0075.
Excuse for my poor Engish. email:dabasir(at}hotmail{dot)com

Yun Liao
from China
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not enough

Thanks cosmicvoid.I have got the datasheet about KS0075 before.But it's not enough to be successfully deal with the LCM by only this datasheet ,for me such a newbie at LCD-displays.I need a sample program for reference which suitable for MCU51 .

thanks again.