i have a good idea..


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perhaps theres a different rout to game server info... if Crystal Control would support Gamy Spy! :D

if your not a fan of it.. it does have its good uses.. example.. i use it to filter game servers in JediKnight 2.. where in the game. you can not.. which is a plus if your looking for mod specific games.. like Jedi Mod++ 3.0, or a certain map like ffa_bespin. hmm. goodness.. something i wish i had for the longest in this game, til i started using gamespy.. so i think it would be a BIG plus if CC supported Game Spy

could Game Spy solve the server ip manual input problem?
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CF Mark

The problem is for CC to support other software, that software has to be written to share the relevant information.
Then, even if it does, there has to be good documentation avaliable on how to get the information from the software.

I doubt gamespy can be used with CC in the way your thinking :(


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oh ok.. i just thought it would be an easier method than to make mods for games to put that data out.. thanks anyway