How to send characters to serial LCD


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I bought this LCD :
I put in the lcd this :
1 GROUND Ground (backlight and controller)
2 +5V(LCD) Controller and LCD power
3 +5V(LED) LED Backlight power
More, 2 & 3 together

I want to know to send characters trought serial port with a crossover cable,I do it with my PC.
I try with Wintest test too, but without sucess.

Thanks for Help
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I believe that the CFA serial displays are designed to use a "straight through" cable to the PC serial port, so a "crossover" (do you actually mean "null modem" cable??) won't work. I have never heard the term crossover in referring to serial cables.


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I used Google traduction, that why is the bad term
But, for my question, I find anserw and my LCD work good