How To Program Static Messages on Existing LCD Display

Michael Coffin

New member
Hi Folks,

I've never done any LCD programming before, so please forgive me for being a newbie! :)

I've got a machine with an LCD display that I'd like to program to display a couple of static messages (preferably in a scrolling or rolling fashion, if possible). Unfortunately, I can't find ANYTHING about the chip or the card it's mounted on. You can see pictures of the card/chip/display here:

You can see that the card says "Copyright Electronic Data Technologies 1986" and little else, and has a 10 pin connector.

The chip has the Rockwell company logo on it and the following identification:

9219 A17356-2

So I guess my first question is can anyone identify this chip and perhaphs a current model chip that it's a programming equivalent of? The second question is are there any stand-alone controllers that I can use with this to just program in my message and have it displayed whenever the controller is powered up?

Thanks in advance for any and all help. :)

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